Hi everyone! We are currently locked down with covid in the house. In sadder news, I’m also locking down all my social media. This includes my youtube, meaning many links here won’t work. I need to protect myself and my family from someone intent on causing pain. After some attempts to disrupt my youtube, they left comments on an Auschat interview with an awesome author who doesn’t need to be tarnished in such a way. So, sadly, I’ve made the decision to put a big pause on public life. I apologise to those who had interviews that are now inaccessible, and for others who enjoyed my vlog.

I’ll live in the hope that homophobia, prejudice, ableism and lies are one day less prevalent online. I will continue to write the Overshare newsletter with Kay.

For education purposes, I can send links to institutions that require access to the playlist directed at schools. Please contact my publisher, Allen & Unwin.

Bye for now, anna x