Teaching A Whateley’s Work

I will use this page to collect anything related to teaching with my writings. I believe my essay in Growing Up Disabled in Australia will work well as a way into Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal and topics such as labelling, disability, sexuality, identification and neurodivergence. This is a work in progress. If you have anything you’d like to submit or share, please email me at anna.whateley.writer AT gmail.com

You can find the official teaching tips from Allen & Unwin HERE. I’m happy to chat to a class over Zoom, Teams, etc., or in person for Brisbane regions. Unless you want to fly me somewhere lovely, I can do that too…

I have 20ish years teaching behind me, from kindy to pre-service teachers at QUT and Griffith University, and will tailor my presentation to your needs. Casual chats with at risk teenagers, or teacher education from a neurodivergent perspective. I can share sociological aspects of diagnosis, as well as share personal experiences. I was a wayward student who ended up with a PhD in literature and YA Fiction – an endless number of stories from heart breaking to hilarious!

I’d rather keep my interactions as real to ‘me’ as possible, which is why this isn’t the professional writer-presentation booking page that most offer. I feel more comfortable as a team, working with you and your teachers, students or book club towards understanding.

Cost? Fees will be the standard rates, and I can make videos for you instead at an agreed price. These are well edited and a little bit funny, or so I’m told. There are also clips for free use on my youtube channel.

Do I teach writing? Well, I could tell people what I do, and be very encouraging. I am a ‘pantser’ who is not formally trained in creative writing, so I don’t have ‘workshops’ for grade four up my sleeve. A question and answer session would work best.

Issue 3, 2020, p.56. English Teachers Association of NSW
“Whateley’s voice is highly distinctive, accessible, and unique.” Alex Wharton