Sometimes the darkest of hours can lead to the brightest of adventures. My difficulties writing Tearing Myself Together led me to play League of Legends, and subsequently meet MaxStout. I’m not implying that artists must suffer, or that it’s easy to be grateful for feeling lost, but in this case, there is good rising to the top. I landed on my wobbly feet in a community of wonderful folk on Maui and beyond. Max brings this gaming clan together and also happens to be a musician. We decided to collaborate over my writing skills and his ability to create music. I can now bring you #SonicInk – Speed writing and composition! Basically, we have two hours to write and compose a piece to the theme given over twitch by a viewer, or one I have in a mystery list. Some tweaks happen later to get it up to youtube, but that’s it! Max is amazing to watch, and we try to tandem stream. Hehee! Expect glitches, fun and creative juices 😀

We tested the waters with a re-do of the Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal book trailer. The music is, I’m sure you’ll agree, divine. I teared up every time I listened, and now feel compelled to also redo the visuals. Check out the new version here.

If you get in quick you might find some of the live stream of its production here. I really need to redo the visuals and credits!! Massive thanks to MaxStout!

Our second project doesn’t really have a title… We call it ‘The ocean one’

Some of the livestream composition action here:

I’m super excited to see what we come up with next in this pan pacific collaboration! You can always share your thoughts under the videos, or find us on twitter @annawhateley and @maxstout808. FYI -> my gamer tag is wildthings, or wildthingsWT, so you’ll see and hear this around sometimes! Bring it on!!! Aloha