Bookstore signings & a new #AusChat!

I dropped in to Dymocks Chermside today and signed a few copies of Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal! They’ve been supporting me for two years, and now here is my book on their shelves – what a wonderful thing.

I also signed a copy at QBD, as I was in the area… and they were so lovely too! I don’t know why I was worried about doing these things, but I’m encouraged to approach more stores now 😀

In other news, my latest #AusChat with Marc McBride is a hoot!!! We talked about his new books The Glimme. Check it out, links on the main page. I’ve added a little outtake below… hahaha. He illustrated all of Emily Rodda’s work, and also writes! I’ve also added a few vlogs lately, and hope to do some more soon. If you have a topic or question, just let me know at [email protected] 😀

June is here – update time!

Hi all! May was an intense month – lots of changes again with school going back here in QLD, and fabulous events for Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal. I was on national TV!! Haha, it was great. I have a short recording on my youtube channel. Fauziah was warm and kind, and I really appreciate her taking an interest in Peta’s story.

Tonight, Thursday 4th, I have event with Readings Bookstore (in Melbourne! without leaving home, yay). The panel of four authors, Kay Kerr, Sarah Epstein, Poppy Nwosu and myself, are all great #LoveOzYA buddies so it should be awesome. Jo Case is interviewing, and you need a ticket for the zoom BEFORE 5.30 AEST time. You can BOOK HERE.

I’ve been recording new #AusChat episodes – and did I mention I won a grant from the Australian Arts Council to help out with costs?? Brilliant! It’s made a huge difference, and I’m very grateful.

Apart from all the Peta Lyre things, I’ve been writing. This is an intense time, and I’m still finding direction in my manuscript, but the voice is clear and that’s always a great sign. Creating anything when the world feels so hopeless is, to me, an act of rebellion. It’s saying we won’t give up, we won’t give in, and we will always act with our future in mind.


I’ve had a busy time launching and talking about Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal! Avid Reader hosted a wonderful first event, with Cass Moriarty interviewing. My editor Kate spoke and we all cried! Cass asks great questions, and there’s a chance it will go on their Facebook page if you missed out.

Then @ozauthorsonline hosted an event with the wonderful Rhianna Patrick, and it was just great too! We had prizes, a bit of deep chat, and then an after party via zoom. The interview is on Youtube now 😀

I have a panel coming up at Readings Bookstore – grab a ticket here! I’ll be with Sarah Epstein (Deep Water) and Poppy Nwosu (Taking Down Evelyn Tait), as well as two stellar debut authors, Kay Kerr (Please Don’t Hug Me). It’s free, and will be a hoot.

I’ve also had some blog interviews and I’ll pop links in here. Sorry I don’t have time to write this out nicely! Isolation living is super busy in this house!

An article with InQueensland

Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal is in stores now!!

Wow, in-store date was a much bigger thing than I realised! Peta can now be bought at your local bookstore, and online at Booktopia. If you are overseas, then there is the option for kindle I believe, or Book Depository, until overseas rights are sold. I’ll try to add links here to these, but since the virus hit I’ve been a little short on time!

I’ve been busy schooling the kids at home, making book trailers, pitching to producers, and continuing with #AusChat. The house is a mess… haha. But we are all safe and well, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

My official launch is next week at Avid Reader Bookstore via zoom. Tickets are required, though they are free! Wednesday 6 May, at 6.30pm. Please do come along, it’s sure to be a wonderful evening with Cass Moriarty. Peta can be ordered via this link/web site 😀

On Saturday 9 May I have my own event with – in conversation with Rhianna Patrick. Also free, though this one is streamed via youtube and there are prizes! You can also come and hang out afterwards in the ‘green room zoom’ if you have any questions or just want to… And we would ask that any purchases still go via the local bookstores Avid Reader and Where The Wild Things Are.

In MORE good news (yikes) it looks like Sydney Writer’s Festival is letting my little self onto their official podcast! It was devastating that the festival was cancelled… and transformed is much better!

I think that’s enough news for this morning. Welcome to the world Peta, what a ride.

[Here’s the Booktopia link!]

Preorder Deal! – check it out!

It all started from a conversation with Susan Francis…

Books and Publishing Review!

I’ve been lucky enough to have Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal feature in Books and Publishing, the premier magazine for publishers, booksellers, and librarians all around Australia.

Highly compelling, intensely moving and ultimately hopeful, this book heralds the arrival of a talented new young adult author.

The article is behind a paywall for a month, and then I can post it here. Hooray!! There are so many things happening, and I’m racing to keep up. Go Peta!

Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal: first review!!

This could have been a terrible moment… but it wasn’t! It was the best! @cakeandmadness is an #ownvoices reader who share’s Peta’s diagnoses/neurodivergence. I’m so relieved she rated Peta Lyre FIVE STARS!!!

I cried happy tears when I finished reading – it was so good and so validating to feel SEEN; to see someone like me written BY someone like me.

Goodreads review here ~

Pre orders are open all over the place, including Booktopia!


It’s pretty clear I don’t blog, and I don’t have many ways for people to get to know me other than Twitter… so I thought I’d give vlogs a go! SUPER FUN! Head on over, and leave me a comment or question 😀 Once I’m all set up, I can release news and keep everyone up to date on *things*.

I’ll put new content up whenever I can – most likely daily at first – and see what people would like. Also have to manage the tech side. I don’t have a mic yet, but I have plans to get one. It will all happen eventually… ;p

Cover Reveals and Fundraiser!

A lot to add in one post, but I have too much news! We’ve revealed the cover of Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal and it’s gorgeous!! Thank you to Astred for her design! See the twitter fun here:

We also had a cover reveal for Growing Up Disabled in Australia! More twitter action here:

My final thing, and the reason I ventured back to my little web site, is more serious. The bushfires destroying out country have left the rural fire brigades exhausted, and they need our help. #AuthorsForFireys is raising money by auctioning off authory things and the winning bids are donated to the CFA!

Here’s my auction for an ARC that hasn’t been printed yet…

Wish me luck!