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Bookstore signings & a new #AusChat!

I dropped in to Dymocks Chermside today and signed a few copies of Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal! They’ve been supporting me for two years, and now here is my book on their shelves – what a wonderful thing.

I also signed a copy at QBD, as I was in the area… and they were so lovely too! I don’t know why I was worried about doing these things, but I’m encouraged to approach more stores now 😀

In other news, my latest #AusChat with Marc McBride is a hoot!!! We talked about his new books The Glimme. Check it out, links on the main page. I’ve added a little outtake below… hahaha. He illustrated all of Emily Rodda’s work, and also writes! I’ve also added a few vlogs lately, and hope to do some more soon. If you have a topic or question, just let me know at 😀